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Our Staff

Louis Christensen, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Louis entered the hearing aid business in August of 1984. He enjoys providing people the best hearing experience possible, developing many friendships along the way. Louis is NBC/HIS/Board Certified. He belongs to the Oregon Hearing Society and the International Hearing Society. When he is not working in his North Bend Willoughby Hearing office, he enjoys classic cars, playing bass guitar in several bands and ballroom dancing.

Louis Christensen, HIS

Ellen Norris

Patient Services Coordinator

I am a medical assistant with a background in internal medicine and mental health. This is my first time working in the field of ear health. I was so impressed with the staff’s compassion for the clients and the positive tone of the company, I knew this was a place I wanted to work.
Living on the Oregon Coast is the life I love. The expanse of the ocean, the mountains and valleys are all special to me. I’ve lived here since 2001 and plan to stay for a very long time. Although brand new to the company, I look forward to helping improve others lives by improving their hearing.

Ellen Norris

Customer Reviews

I'm so Impressed!!!! My husband and I showed up to our appointment early and while we were waiting another patient came in and Ellen Norris the secretary greeted him with a smile and asked what she could do for him, he had a hearing aid that wasn't working so she...

Linda Noack, on Google

Debra Wilbur , I'm out of state, broke my hearing aid in half, haven't been able to hear in three days. Louis is getting Angel wings. I have a different design with my hearing aid, this gentleman took care of it immediately, and he had customers in store, but I...

richard hatch, on Google

My moderate hearing loss is in the upper ranges; so I expected understanding of conversations to be the main benefit of these new hearing aids (Starkey Livio 1600). How wrong I was. Am now hearing sounds that are so amazing and were there all the time; but were lost to...

Susan Armstrong Smith, on Google

Willoughby Hearing and Ellen Norris in particular are awesome. For a year plus I have been having trouble with a pair of hearing aids, had been back for repair and still not working right, Ellen got to the company and they are now sending a new pair which I am...

James Abma, on Google

I have been dealing with Luis for several years and he has been very helpful, thorough and accommodating in helping me obtain hearing aids. The staff is also knowledgeable, pleasant and courteous.

George Martinez, on Google

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